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Empowering you to disrupt with Know-how + Capital


My name is Iskender Dirik. I’m a tech investor, advisor, and entrepreneur.

I’m here to help you to disrupt: Learn more below about my transformative programs and my investment focus.



I'm excited to partner with and invest in founders with a
disruptive, diverse, and infinite learning mindset. I help them to build outstanding products, cultures, and businesses (see here).

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You’re the perfect startup for me to invest in and/or work with if you have a lot of the following ingredients:

Early Stage

Top-notch founder team with a strong engineering or design DNA or deep domain expertise

(Deep) Tech core

Strong user interface

Favorite areas: Future of Work & Learning, SaaS, No/Low Code, Productivity, Automation, Creator Economy, Generative AI, Design

High potential for outstanding storytelling, content marketing, branding & design (Iskender is happy to help)

Added Value

I love to empower technical founders, product designers, and deep domain experts with the tools to disrupt and the expertise to transform great technology into great businesses.
My main areas of support cover:

Marketing & Go-To-Market

Commercial Strategy

Product & Design


Execution & Leadership


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Partnership Portfolio

Some startups I invested in and worked with as Business Angel and in my roles at EQT Ventures, Samsung NEXT, Microsoft, Bauer Venture Partners, and getanet:

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managing partner

Iskender Dirik

Founder/MD INFINITE DISRUPTION GmbH & Partner at Delin Ventures // Roster: Venture Partner EQT Venture, Senior Advisor No Label Ventures, Managing Director at Samsung NEXT, Microsoft ScaleUp,, Bauer Venture Partners, and C3 Creative Code and Content

Investor + Advisor + Builder

Master of Science in Data and Information Management +
Diploma in Business Administration

Enthusiastic about The Future of Work & Learning, AI, The Creator & Passion Economy, No-Code, Design, SaaS, Disruptive Talent Acquisition & Retention  

Keynote Speaker & Lecturer – Focus: Fundraising, Pitching & Presenting, Employer Branding, Disruptive Tech & AI, Creator Economy, Media Tech, No-Code, Digitization, Corporate Innovation & Startup Initiatives


“Iskender and I worked together at Samsung Electronics when I was the Company's Chief Innovation Officer and President of Samsung NEXT.

He stands out as a rare leader with a disruptive mindset and a genuine desire to share his expertise with others.

He led Samsung NEXT in Europe with great resilience and focus while also being flexible and creative. As Samsung NEXT's Global Head of Media Tech, he made an impact early on and quickly became a well respected member of our Executive Leadership Team.

He is engaging and very personable. I'm glad we worked together and hope our paths cross again soon.”

David Eun
former Chief Innovation Officer, Samsung Electronics

No consultant can survive without them and no whiteboard will ever die without having worn thousands of them: Venn Diagrams. It’s so cliché. So here is mine:

Artificial Intelligence
Presenting & Storytelling
Branding & Design
Company Building

Diversity is Beautiful

I’m co-founder of 2hearts, a non-profit organization with one mission: empowering great talent with immigration backgrounds to enrich Europe’s tech economy.

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